Sunrise Solutions


Sunrise Solutions is an internal division of Sunrise Carpentry. We created Sunrise Solutions to meet the home improvement and home maintenance needs of our clients.

Sunrise Solutions is a home maintenance contractor:

Clients partner with Sunrise Solutions to design and execute home maintenance packages fit to their unique home upkeep/maintenance needs. Our home maintenance contracts often include – monthly or seasonal home maintenance “tune-ups”, to ensure homes are kept in top running order.

Sunrise Solutions is able to provide homeowners looking to partner with a home maintenance contractor consistent reliable home care and maintenance from a company they know and a team our area trusts. We are a great home maintenance contractor for the homeowner who may be traveling between residences or others looking to maintain their homes current condition and protect the value of their investment.

Sunrise Solutions will meet with you and assess your home’s needs. Our team will create a comprehensive maintenance plan tailored to your needs and budget. We will look at things such as your home’s individual structural upkeep needs, mechanical/electrical systems, appliances, utilities, aesthetic details, overall improvement opportunities, including energy consumption and more.

Our home maintenance plan will include appliance care and maintenance from the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, consumer agency safety guidelines, and expert home improvement and construction craftsmen.

We know what it takes to keep Westchester’s historic homes and landmarks looking their best while maintaining their safety and energy efficiency.

A home maintenance contract with Sunrise Solutions ensures your home will:

  • Operate better; with increased efficiency (we are a green company with a focus on ecological construction solutions)
  • Maximize the life of its utilities by reducing the chance of breakdown or failure
  • Lower overall home maintenance and repair costs
  • Increase the value of your home

Our home maintenance services include, custom maintenance contracts that help you care for your home all year long, inside and out.

Outside we offer:

  • Grounds safety inspections
  • Landscaping (general yard and exterior work)
  • Landscape design and architecture services
  • Excavation, masonry and land maintenance
  • Roofing, gutters, leaders and drainage
  • Windows and window cleaning, doors and outdoor structures

Inside we offer:

  • Plumbing, electrical and heating system checks
  • Utility inspections & maintenance
  • Walls, windows, ceilings and door inspection
  • Paint, wallpaper, rug care
  • Basement and crawl space inspection
  • HVAC equipment (filter replacement)

We also offer rapid response repairs during our regular business hours and will partner to complete additional projects as needed. Contact us today!