Finished Basements & Game Rooms


We specialize in the design and construction of both modern and home era appropriate basement remodeling projects and game-room additions.

From the full construction of a basement to the smaller scale basement-finishing project, Sunrise Carpentry makes the perfect partner for any homeowner looking to start a basement renovation. We have a wide experience in basement remodeling and have helped clients achieve a variety of basement themes. From foundation assessment and repair to planning and design, through to completion. Sunrise Carpentry works with homeowners in Westchester and Putnam Counties in New York and Fairfield County Connecticut.

Whether you plan to update and convert your existing basement or aim to create a new space through construction, our designers, carpenters and craftsmen will bring your vision into reality.

We can provide advice on your plans and help you see what can be achieved from a multitude of approaches. Each basement-remodeling project is different; one basement can be remodeled many ways. Sunrise Carpentry will partner with you to make sure your basement-remodeling project is done the right way for you and your home.

Our game-room and basement remodeling team will provide conceptual and architectural design plans including structural design schemes, architectural drawings and calculations to help you plan your basement remodeling project.